Inherent within the human spirit is the desire for fulfillment, a longing to carry out our creative aspirations by reaching new heights of accomplishment. Yet often the yearning can be suppressed by fear. Perhaps we aren’t feeling good enough, smart enough or able enough to pursue and fulfill our dreams. Living a life that you are passionate about opens up a world of joy, fulfillment and abundance. It is one of the greatest life experiences.

 Papier Mâché

Papier Mâché is an exciting craft and art form. It is inexpensive, remarkably lightweight and easy to handle, and ideal for making ephemeral objects from very       small to very large. It invites to exploration of all its possibilities and gives free rein to expression. There are no restrictions, no rules, no prescribed traditions               when dealing with this material.

Myths – Stories – Imagework  

In the language of symbols, any art form is used: painting, sculpture, scrapbooking, movement, sound making, writing, meditation etc., to express something authentic inside of us, for the purpose of creative expression, healing, or wellbeing. It is about expressing our unadulterated uniqueness from within our bodies in a spontaneous way. It is not about performing or making a ”product”; but rather experiencing the freedom, joy and discovery inherent in the creation process. Deepening of curiosity, wonder, energy and connection to life can naturally flow from the process.


Dance – freedance and ritual dance

The movement are like medicine. The rhythm is our universel language. You are the choreographer of you own dance. When you move through the rhythms, things happen. You’ll find yourself feeling really alive, loose, natural, free. Strong feelings surfaces and release themselves. Your mind becomes emptier, like as if all there was is the beat and the heat and the sweat of the dance, everything else disappears and there is only the dance, you have become the dance. The rhythms can be really good fun, and sometimes it′ s deeply challenging and you’ll find yourself up against your own mental blocks, resistance, cynicism. But the rhythms are a powerful medicine, and things melt, change and heal.
In a workshop situation you are distictly guided, sometimes you′ ll be moving on your own, sometimes with a partner, sometimes as a group. Music from all over the world and styles are used for you body, fantasy and spirit to explore and have fun with. In ritualdance a story or a myth are used as an inspiration.


Nia is a personal growth, body-mind-spirit fitness program. It is a ”living system” that works with the natural wisdom and intelligence of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Nia supports the Pleasure Principle: If it feels good keep doing it, if it hurts, stop! Nia combines a diverse blend of Eastern and Western movements, concepts and philosophies from the worlds of the healing arts (love), martial arts (mindfulness), and dance (technique). Nia movement is multi-dynamic and
multi-directional. Drawn from three martial arts, three dance arts, and three healing arts, Nia involves a variety of movement speeds and styles, ranges of motion, and energy dynamics. Nia reaches people emotionally, in their hearts, motivating them to get fit and healthy by creating a deep personal desire to explore their potential and love their growth. Fitness, health, well-being, and self-love naturally result from the Nia experience.
Nia was created in the early 1980’s by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.


I arrange custom lectures and workshops either on a single subject or a one to five days combination using dance, artwork and storytelling in personal development.
Customers: IKEA, Nordea bank, schools
(all grades), Växjö university, kick-off for companies, socialworkers, BNI etc. Privategroups as party for bride-to-be, birthdayparties up to 100 years, girlfriendsparty, couples, familys e.t.c


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